• May 2023 HIRING NOW! | Three ERC- and Exposome Austria funded positions opened! 

Within our new projects, we are looking for skilled new team members at various levels. Apply via email now and become part of a dynamic and collaborative team investigating the impact of toxicants on human health.

  1. Postdoc for ERC-EXPOMET (LC/GC-MS experience or bioinformatics background required)
    Interested? Check out more details here.

  2. PhD student for ERC-EXPOMET (Epidemiology/biostatistics - in cooperation with Schernhammer lab at the Med. Univ. Vienna; various backgrounds might be feasible).
    Right the opportunity you are waiting for? Click here and apply.

  3. Technician for Exposome Austria infrastructure (Lab management, MS library curation, routine measurements – German required)
    Sounds as exactly for you? Read the posting description here.


  • March 20-22, 2023 | 1st retreat of Exposome Austria.

    A 3-day interdisciplinary event held in Retz, the winery center of Lower Austria´s Weinviertel region, brought together the members of our consortium, their research groups, and also several invited experts from the scientific community. The retreat agenda featured presentations, tutorials, and introductions about the diverse research projects with the main aim to establish general awareness among the individual groups and institutions of the multidisciplinary consortium.

  • March 2022 On May 31 our national research infrastructure will be officially launched via an opening event at the University of Vienna. This is a public event and all interested stakeholders are most welcome! Please register early on: https://veranstaltung.univie.ac.at/exposome